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Lone Justice
The Western Tapes, 1983

Lone Justice - The Western Tapes, 1983

The Western Tapes 1983 exhibits the genesis of this highly-influential band. While the original demo version of “Drugstore Cowboy” has appeared on various compilations, the remainder of the other tracks from the sessions have remained in the can. Two of the tracks appear in their earliest demo form and wound up landing on the classic 1988 Lone Justice debut, “Working Late” and “Don’t Toss Us Away” (written by Maria’s half-brother, Bryan MacLean of the classic band, Love) which would eventually become a Top 5 smash for Country superstar Patty Loveless.

TAGS: Americana | Rock

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"Don’t Toss Us Away"


  1. 1. Working Late
  2. 2. Don’t Toss Us Away
  3. 3. I See It
  4. 4. The Train
  5. 5. Drugstore Cowboy
  6. 6. How Lonesome Life Has Been

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