New Releases For October 15, 2013

Logan Brill
Walking Wires

Logan Brill - Walking Wires

Releasing her debut album Walking Wires, Logan Brill is already making waves in the worlds of country and Americana music, earning early praise from Billboard, Country Weekly, The Boot and more.

The 22-year-old Knoxville native has proved herself to be an important new female voice out of Nashville, opting for a bit of grit and authenticity over pristine pop in her song choices and displaying a musical maturity well beyond her years. As the Chicago Sun-Times put it in their recent feature, Brill represents 'an eye-opening peek at just what country music can become when put in the right hands.'

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"Month Of Bad Habits"


  1. 1. No Such Thing As Ghosts
  2. 2. Month Of Bad Habits
  3. 3. Scars
  4. 4. Nobody's Crying
  5. 5. Rewind
  6. 6. Seven Year Rain
  7. 7. Ne'er Do Wells
  8. 8. Write It On Your Heart
  9. 9. Tricks Of The Trade
  10. 10. Fall Off The Face Of The Earth