New Releases For October 8, 2021

Lizard Music

Lizard Music - Arizone!

Lizard Music began in Atlantic Highlands, NJ in 1989 when high school friends Mikael Jorgensen and Erik Paparozzi started learning and writing songs with a four-track. In 1991, Chris Apple joined the band on bass and Craig Smith on drums and the “classic” Lizard Music lineup was solidified.

Their vocal-harmony driven surreal pop sensibility stood in stark contrast to the grungy testosterone-addled sludge rock that overtook the Jersey Shore in the early ‘90s. The band went on hiatus in 1997. Then, in August of 2020 while the world was stuck inside during quarantine, Erik sent a text to Mikael, Chris and Craig about working on some ideas. With a mix of trepidation, excitement and curiosity, work on Arizone! began. This creative reconnection was a potent experience and it’s clear that these four guys love making records filled with joy.


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"The Mixtape"


  1. 1. The Crow Flies
  2. 2. The Mixtape
  3. 3. Keystone Cops
  4. 4. Arizone!
  5. 5. Under The Table
  6. 6. They Did Their Best
  7. 7. Comes And Goes
  8. 8. Laughing In The Face Of Love
  9. 9. What’s My Line?
  10. 10. You Should Be Proud
  11. 11. Make That Drink To Go
  12. 12. Better Believe
  13. 13. In Jest
  14. 14. Impossible
  15. CD / Digital Bonus Track:
  16. 15. Naked In Las Vegas