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Liz Kennedy
Hike Up Your Socks

Liz Kennedy - Hike Up Your Socks

On Hike Up Your Socks, Liz Kennedy’s latest full length album of soulful, uniquely poetic narratives, she finds fresh and colorful ways to define rootsy – including bringing in legendary bluesman Taj Mahal, who plays harmonica on the whimsical front porch ballad “Love Gave Me Away,” and contributes his inimitable vocals and banjo to the buoyant, self-reflective opener “Everyone Knows How It Goes.” Produced by Joel Jaffe, who helmed all Kennedy’s previous recordings, the 12-track collection reflects Kennedy’s storytelling and songwriting style that has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Randy Newman and Tom Waits.

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"Everyone Knows How It Goes"


  1. 1. Everyone Knows How It Goes
  2. 2. Attention
  3. 3. Say The Words
  4. 4. Love Gave Me Away
  5. 5. Not Ready
  6. 6. Hello Romance
  7. 7. Hike Up Your Socks
  8. 8. Heart Test
  9. 9. The Signs
  10. 10. High Time
  11. 11. The Best Worst Times
  12. 12. On The Water