New Releases For June 26, 2012

Little Feat
Rooster Rag

Little Feat - Rooster Rag

Easily one of the hardest working bands in show biz, today's Little Feat is a seven-member powerhouse that ably carries on the group's tradition of deftly blending Rock, R&B and blues to create a jammin' blend of Americana that has earned accolades from critics, fellow musicians and fans alike for over four decades.

Their new album, Rooster Rag features 10 brand new original songs including four co-writes with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter plus two blues classics, one from Mississippi John Hurt and one from Willie Dixon. The result is a compelling album of funkified Feat guaranteed to please longtime fans while at the same time attracting new ears and, shall we say... feats!

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"Candy Man Blues"


  1. 1. Candy Man Blues
  2. 2. Rooster Rag
  3. 3. Church Fallin' Down
  4. 4. Salome
  5. 5. One Breath At A Time
  6. 6. Just A Fever
  7. 7. Rag Top Down
  8. 8. Way Down Under
  9. 9. Jamaica Will Break Your Heart
  10. 10. Tattooed Girl
  11. 11. The Blues Keep Coming
  12. 12. Mellow Down Easy

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