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Lissy Trullie
Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie - Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie's self-titled new album is coolly confident in feel with its mostly brisk punk foundation yielding to memorable pop choruses along the way. On the album, dirty guitar sounds and driving, new wave-tempo'ed drums are countered by swirling synths, brass, and layers of heavenly vocals, a beguiling mix of the earthy and the ethereal.

The album was produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek. Trullie's voice and presence is commanding throughout; with her elastic singing, she comes across at times like a modern-day Chrissie Hynde.

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"It's Only You, Isn't It?"


  1. 1. Rules We Obey
  2. 2. Wearing Blue
  3. 3. It's Only You, Isn't It?
  4. 4. X Red
  5. 5. Spit You Out
  6. 6. Caring
  7. 7. Madeleine
  8. 8. I Know Where You Sleep
  9. 9. Heart Sound
  10. 10. Glass Mountains
  11. 11. You Bleed You