New Releases For June 4, 2013

Lisa Page Brooks

Lisa Page Brooks - Ready

Lisa Page Brooks is known as the church-wrecker because wherever she sings - inside or outside of a sanctuary - she takes her listeners to church and then razes the building with her volcanic alto. On her fourth solo CD, Ready, the Grammy Award nominated vocalist demonstrates that she's indeed ready for the next plateau in her career. The twelve-song set features something for everyone. She showcases her jazz skills on the title song, an R&B vibe on 'The Wonder,' a gut-wrenching performance on the hymn 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness' and a fresh pop hook on the anthem 'Heal The Land.' Gospel radio has been playing the passionate ballad 'Better Than Life' for months and is now showing its love for Brooks finger-snapping new single, 'God Thing.'

TAGS: Gospel

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"God Thing"


  1. 1. More
  2. 2. Love Somebody Else
  3. 3. God Thing
  4. 4. Heal The Land
  5. 5. Triumph
  6. 6. Ready
  7. 7. The Wonder
  8. 8. Better Than Life
  9. 9. Empower Me
  10. 10. Going Home
  11. 11. I Love You