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Lindi Ortega
Little Red Boots

Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots

Lindi Ortega is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter in the mold of classic artists Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris and contemporary acts Neko Case and Jenny Lewis. Torched songs filled with heartache and passion mixed with Lindi's Mexican / Irish heritage make for an incredible record and unique artist personality. With a voice that 'undulates with absolute splendor,' Lindi recorded Little Red Boots with Juno Award winning producer Ron Lopata. CBC Radio explains her style as 'a dash of country, a pinch of folk, a sprinkle of rock, and a smidgeon of jazz' - a genre Ortega explains as 'a roadside motel love affair between old school outlaws and country darlings.'

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"Little Lie"


  1. 1. Little Lie
  2. 2. When All The Stars Align
  3. 3. Blue Bird
  4. 4. Angels
  5. 5. I'm No Elvis Presley
  6. 6. Little Red Boots
  7. 7. Dying Of Another Broken Heart
  8. 8. All My Friends
  9. 9. Fall Down Or Fly
  10. 10. Jimmy Dean
  11. 11. Black Fly
  12. 12. So Sad

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