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Lily & Madeleine
Keep It Together

Lily & Madeleine - Keep It Together

Keep It Together, the third album in just over three years by Indianapolis-based sisters Lily & Madeleine is out now. The spellbinding ten-song statement is the dynamic product of two distinct musical personalities, bound by kinship, melding seamlessly into one ephemeral and dreamy collection. The sisters have come a long way since they began making YouTube videos in 2012, releasing two critically acclaimed albums on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty Records and selling out myriad shows both in the US and overseas. With the release of Keep It Together, these young women of only 21 and 18 are positioned to become a household name.

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"For The Weak"


  1. 1. Not Gonna
  2. 2. For The Weak
  3. 3. Westfield
  4. 4. Chicago
  5. 5. Hourglass
  6. 6. Hotel Pool
  7. 7. Smoke Tricks
  8. 8. Midwest Kid
  9. 9. Small Talk
  10. 10. Nothing

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