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Lights - Siberia

When electro-rock sensation Lights first hit the music scene in 2008, she was just a songwriter with a synth and a dream. Her name may have been pluralized but Lights Poxleitner was a one-woman show who played and programmed her own instruments and sang her own lyrics. 'For the first one,' says Lights, 'nobody had any expectations for what I was supposed to sound like. You write your first record only for yourself. You don't have fans yet and there are no preconceptions. So I had to reinvent myself all over again, rediscover myself as an artist and remember I can do whatever I want.'

Siberia's beats skitter and thwack, the retro electronics fire like decomposing lasers and the analog synths dirty up her trademark pretty melodies, propelling Lights' emotion-soaked but still-cute croon into her sprawling, imperfect new sound. Call it anti-electro, dream-step or perhaps even grit-pop. Whatevs. Just rest assured that it's the same bright Lights; she's just built herself a bigger city.

TAGS: Electronic | Pop

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"Everybody Breaks A Glass"


  1. 1. Siberia
  2. 2. Where The Fence Is Low
  3. 3. Toes
  4. 4. Banner
  5. 5. Everybody Breaks A Glass
  6. 6. Heavy Rope
  7. 7. Timing Is Everything
  8. 8. Peace Sign
  9. 9. Cactus In The Valley
  10. 10. Suspension
  11. 11. Flux And Flow
  12. 12. Fourth Dimension
  13. 13. And Counting...
  14. 14. Day One

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