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Library Voices
Summer Of Lust

Library Voices - Summer Of Lust

Library Voices are a Canadian indie pop band from Regina, Saskatchewan. Formed in 2008 as a ten-piece group of musician friends, They have released one EP and a full-length album. The band members include Paul Gutheil, Eoin Hickey-Cameron, Mike Dawson, Carl Johnson, Karla Miller, Brennan Ross, Amanda Scandrett and Michael Thievin. The band features such instruments as horns, strings, and an accordion.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"Generation Handclap"


  1. 1. If Raymond Carver Was Born In The 90's
  2. 2. Generation Handclap
  3. 3. Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers
  4. 4. Que Sera Sarah
  5. 5. Traveller's Digest
  6. 6. Be My Juliette Greco, Paris 1949
  7. 7. The Prime Minister's Daughter
  8. 8. Me, Myself, and ID
  9. 9. Anthem For A New Canadia
  10. 10. Regina I Don't Want To Fight