New Releases For November 19, 2012

Leni Stern
Smoke, No Fire

Leni Stern - Smoke, No Fire

Smoke, No Fire, Leni Stern's thirteenth independent release, was primarily recorded in Bamako, Mali during the military coup d'état of 2012.

She continues in her exploration of African music via collaborations with Malian heavyweights Haruna Samake, Ami Sacko, and the rapper, Woroferela Moden.

TAGS: Jazz | World

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"Smoke, No Fire"


  1. 1. Winter (Samia)
  2. 2. Smoke, No Fire
  3. 3. Yiriba (Tall Tree)
  4. 4. Lomeko (Find Me An Angel)
  5. 5. Djarabi (My Love)
  6. 6. Tou Samake
  7. 7. Awn Te Kalo Ye (So Far, So Fast)
  8. 8. Dji Lama (Water)
  9. 9. Behi Mounou Mounou (Big Head)
  10. 10. Frossira (Country Road)

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