New Releases For July 30, 2013


Legion - Woke

The Columbus, Ohio scene has produced many celebrated 'scene' bands, but Legion actively chose another route. They didn't base their career plans on the accumulation of internet hype nor on cookie-cutter music designed to cater to a specific crowd. They went against the grain, on the path of resistance, decidedly choosing hard work and originality.

The video for 'Perverse Icon' has offered YouTube users a glimpse at just what Legion is capable of achieving on stage. Tracks like 'Disclosure of Sin' and 'Righteous Dictation' are emblematic of Legion's skillful precision when it comes to balancing aggressive metallic destruction with trippy groove.

TAGS: Metal

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"He Became Death"


  1. 1. The Fear
  2. 2. And Then, The Devil Said
  3. 3. Righteous Dictation
  4. 4. He Became Death
  5. 5. Priest
  6. 6. Disclosure Of Sin
  7. 7. Kneel Before Order
  8. 8. Perverse Icon
  9. 9. B.R.F.
  10. 10. The Roach