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Lee Bannon
Pattern Of Excel

Lee Bannon - Pattern Of Excel

After an initial rise in the world of hip-hop and a debut LP that received critical acclaim, Lee Bannon is set to release his follow up to 2013’s Alternate/Endings. Pattern Of Excel signals a movement away from the ground he’s already covered and toward his own brand of the leftfield future. Gone are the rapid-fire breaks and growling b-lines of his debut, replaced instead by a considered exploration of ambient and drone influences. Rather than a departure, Pattern Of Excel can only be considered a continuation of Lee Bannon’s demonstrated flexibility.

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"Memory 6"


  1. 1. Good / Swimmer
  2. 2. Artificial Stasis
  3. 3. dx2
  4. 4. Suffer Gene
  5. 5. refoah
  6. 6. Shallowness is the root of all evil
  7. 7. Paofex
  8. 8. kanu
  9. 9. Aga
  10. 10. inflatable
  11. 11. DAW in the Sky for Pigs
  12. 12. DisneĀµ Girls
  13. 13. SDM
  14. 14. Memory 6
  15. 15. Towels