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Lecherous Gaze
One Fifteen

Lecherous Gaze - One Fifteen

One Fifteen is the new LP from Lecherous Gaze, the California Bay Area band featuring current and former members of such kick ass bands as Annihilation Time, Witch, Saviours and more. The album is the long-awaited follow-up to the band's 2014 album Zeta Reticuli Blues, which was hailed by Pitchfork as "crushing psych...that'll make you long for the days when they still made Guitar Hero games.” It features out-of-this-world cover art from American fantasy and science fiction artist Frank Frazetta which adds to One Fifteen’s overall awesomeness. For fans of MC5, the Damned, AC/DC, the Ramones, Chuck Berry, the Germs and Black Flag.

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"Reptile Minds"


  1. 1. One Fifteen
  2. 2. Reptile Minds
  3. 3. Cosmos Redshift
  4. 4. Thing Within
  5. 5. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
  6. 6. Dark Nebula
  7. 7. Malevolent Shroud
  8. 8. Blind Swordsman
  9. 9. X City