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Lawson Rollins
3 Minutes To Midnight

Lawson Rollins - 3 Minutes To Midnight

Three minutes to midnight. Time is lapsing. What would you do with the final moments of your day? Award-winning world beat guitarist Lawson Rollins pondered that question as he entered the recording studio to craft his seventh album, 3 Minutes To Midnight. Focusing on “the urgency of the moment, the exhilaration of the speed of sound, the poignancy of the remains of the day and the mystical power of number three.” Rollins wrote a dozen multicultural compositions – all in the three-minute range and illuminated by his prodigious fingerstyle guitar play. The recording is stripped down, punchy and concise.

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  1. 1. 3 Minutes To Midnight
  2. 2. Light The Way
  3. 3. Island Time
  4. 4. Sway
  5. 5. Driving Force
  6. 6. Southbound
  7. 7. Stringdance
  8. 8. Time Shift
  9. 9. Reveal
  10. 10. Split Second
  11. 11. Eternal
  12. 12. Mary’s Rock

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