New Releases For September 25, 2012

Lavender Diamond
Incorruptible Heart

Lavender Diamond - Incorruptible Heart

Recorded by OK Go front man Damian Kulash Jr. and mixed by longtime Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann, Incorruptible Heart transforms Stark's songs in the key of cosmic love into their most four-dimensional realizations yet. Over two years in the making, Incorruptible Heart's diamond-light shines through its every facet from strings by the Calder Quartet to horn arrangements by longtime Brian Wilson compatriot Probyn Gregory to magical cover art by drummer (and graphic novelist) Ron Regé Jr.

See them on their East Coast tour in September, kicking off September 25 supporting Dirty Projectors at the newly re-opened Capitol Theater.

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"Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now"


  1. 1. Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now
  2. 2. Dragonfly
  3. 3. I Don't Recall
  4. 4. Just Passing By
  5. 5. Teach Me How To Waken
  6. 6. Come Home
  7. 7. Forgive
  8. 8. Light My Way
  9. 9. Oh My Beautiful World
  10. 10. There's a Perfect Love For Me
  11. 11. Everybody's Song
  12. 12. All The Stars