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Laura Smith
As Long As I'm Dreaming

Laura Smith - As Long As I'm Dreaming

Canadian singer-songwriter Laura Smith (1952-2020) is deeply missed by all who knew and worked with her, along with thousands that loved her music. In 2019, Laura initiated a recording project that would be a “best of” album to showcase songs from her earlier work. Laura was diagnosed with inoperable cancer that winter and the project took on an urgency and a wider scope. Undeterred by her illness, Laura booked studio time to record two new songs. She garnered the strength to record the new material just a few weeks before her death.

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"As Long As I'm Dreaming"


  1. 1. Middle America
  2. 2. One Woman
  3. 3. Souther’s Faithless Love
  4. 4. Jordy
  5. 5. Shade Of Your Love
  6. 6. Four Letter Word
  7. 7. Passchendaele
  8. 8. My Bonny
  9. 9. I Built A Boat
  10. 10. I Go There
  11. 11. If I Were A Bell
  12. 12. It's A Personal Thing
  13. 13. The Blues And I
  14. 14. Gypsy Dream
  15. 15. Whirlaround
  16. 16. I'm A Beauty
  17. 17. On The Road To Glory
  18. 18. As Long As I'm Dreaming