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Larry And His Flask
By The Lamplight

Larry And His Flask - By The Lamplight

Larry and His Flask's outstanding sophomore album, By The Lamplight, holds true to their reputation for an absolutely foot stomping and hand clapping good time, further spreading the gospel of their infectious and frenetic country/anarchic punk chaos.

For the uninitiated, Larry and His Flask make music that fits somewhere between a barn raising and a mosh pit. The New York Times calls them 'uncommonly joyous' and 'deviously astute,' while their live show is a 'breathless, polymorphous good time.' Members careen wildly across the stage, narrowly avoiding harrowing collisions, frequently trading their stand-up bass, mandolin or banjo mid-song while maintaining pitch-perfect 5-part harmonies.

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"The Battle For Clear Sight"


  1. 1. Pandemonium
  2. 2. Out Of Print
  3. 3. Barleywine Bump
  4. 4. The Battle For Clear Sight
  5. 5. Log, Hearth And Ash
  6. 6. Gone From You
  7. 7. Home Of The Slave
  8. 8. Cruel Twist Of Fate
  9. 9. Justice And Justification
  10. 10. Muffled Thrums
  11. 11. All That We've Seen
  12. 12. Tides