New Releases For March 4, 2016

Long Way Home

Lapsley - Long Way Home

Long Way Home documents a turbulent time in Lapsley’s life - “It’s an autobiography of my emotions and events over the past year,” she says. “Everything that’s happened, I’ve channeled in some way into a song – whether that’s the theme of a long distance relationship, or something that he’s said, or the way that I’ve felt, or an argument. I only revisit the memories of that relationship when I go into the studio. I think it’s helped me, to be able to collect everything for those moments when I’m writing. I think that’s what’s driven this album.”

TAGS: Electronic

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"Love Is Blind"


  1. 1. Heartless
  2. 2. Hurt Me
  3. 3. Falling Short
  4. 4. Cliff
  5. 5. Operator (He Doesn't Call Me)
  6. 6. Painter
  7. 7. Tell Me The Truth
  8. 8. Station
  9. 9. Love Is Blind
  10. 10. Silverlake
  11. 11. Leap
  12. 12. Seven Months