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Langhorne Slim & The Law
The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim & The Law - The Way We Move

For Langhorne Slim - Pennsylvania-born self-taught guitarist who moves to Brooklyn at 18, begins feeling out his place in a burgeoning punk-folk scene, wends his way to the West Coast, and finds himself celebrated from Newport to Portland as one of today's most original singers and songwriters - The Way We Move represents the sound of a band devoted to living in the moment, and demonstrating all the ways we can go forward while keeping an eye on the mirror.

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"The Way We Move"


  1. 1. The Way We Move
  2. 2. Bad Luck
  3. 3. Fire
  4. 4. On The Attack
  5. 5. Someday
  6. 6. Great Divide
  7. 7. Just A Dream
  8. 8. Song For Sid
  9. 9. Found My Heart
  10. 10. Wild Soul
  11. 11. The Crooked Hearts
  12. 12. Coffee Cups
  13. 13. Past Lives