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Lancelot Link
Lancelot Link - Secret Chimp (DVD)

Lancelot Link - Lancelot Link - Secret Chimp (DVD)

The complete, authorized, classic TV series - available for the first time in high quality on DVD.

In the spirit of Get Smart, ABC's action-adventure/comedy spy series (1970-72) aired Saturday mornings, starring a cast of chimpanzees whose performances were dubbed with human voices, including those of Dayton Allen, Joan Gerber, Steven Hoffman and The Love Boat's Bernie Kopell, among others.

Bonus Features:
- Interviews with producer Allan Sandler and Bob Emenegger
- Live footage of producer Allan Sandler and Lancelot Link today at the Wildlife Waystation
- Documentary 'I Created Lancelot Link,'
- Photo slideshow
- Evolution Revolution music vignettes and Chimpies comedy shorts

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"The Evolution Revolution"


  1. 1. Wild Dreams (Jelly Beans)
  2. 2. Magic Feeling
  3. 3. Superstatic, Instamatic, Electric Vibrations
  4. 4. Closer To You
  5. 5. Dum Diddle Dee
  6. 6. Blind Date
  7. 7. Teaser
  8. 8. Kissing Doll
  9. 9. Rollin' In The Clover
  10. 10. Yummy Love
  11. 11. The Evolution Revolution