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Lance King

Lance King - ReProgram

ReProgram looks to find harmony in the dissonant world that we have created. Legendary singer Lance King, original voice behind Pyramaze and Balance Of Power has released his second solo album with a style of music he has properly labeled “Celestial Metal.” Co-produced by Lance and renowned producer/guitarist Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Evergrey, Epica, Amaranthe), ReProgram features a small armada of well-established co-writers and performers.

“The single most powerful thing you can do, is unlearn the limiting beliefs you have accepted as truths in your youth. This frees you from the chains that bind, the chains of the subconscious mind.” - Lance King

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"Reaction Formation"


  1. 1. ReProgram
  2. 2. Pointing Fingers
  3. 3. Stand Your Ground
  4. 4. Technology
  5. 5. Reaction Formation
  6. 6. Limitless
  7. 7. Wide Open
  8. 8. Chaotica
  9. 9. Spell Of Domestication
  10. 10. Perfect World
  11. 11. A Mind At War

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