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La Dispute

La Dispute - Panorama

La Dispute is a five-piece from Grand Rapids, Michigan, responsible for some of the most uncompromising, experimental hardcore music of the last decade. Their new album Panorama is a highly ambitious and deeply affecting body of work that filters narrative storytelling through a personal lens, like a set of Joan Didion essays set to music. It’s heavier and weirder than previous efforts, taking the intensity and patience of previous albums and using them as pillars upon which to build something new. And, in doing so, they have broken through their own ceiling and set a new one.

TAGS: Alternative | Rock

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"Footsteps At The Pond"


  1. 1. Rose Quartz
  2. 2. Fulton Street I
  3. 3. Fulton Street II
  4. 4. Rhodonite And Grief
  5. 5. Anxiety Panorama
  6. 6. In Northern Michigan
  7. 7. View From Our Bedroom Window
  8. 8. Footsteps At The Pond
  9. 9. There You Are (Hiding Place)
  10. 10. You Ascendant