Alternative Releases

Herz & Verstand

Kärbholz - Herz & Verstand

Kärbholz is a very successful German rock band. Their music is not virtuoso or obscure. It is not palpable music that arises on the drawing board or on a music sheet. It originates where music should arise: In the heart. With intuition, passion and the indispensable desire to vent thoughts and scream them out into the world.

"In times when everyone can record an album on the laptop, we found it all the more important to take another path. We built old gear to find our sound. Music has to live and also the sound has to transport these feelings.”

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  1. 1. Tabula Rasa
  2. 2. Musizin
  3. 3. Keiner Befiehlt
  4. 4. Mutmacher
  5. 5. All Meine Narben
  6. 6. Herztier
  7. 7. Stein & Sand
  8. 8. Mein Persönlicher Krieg
  9. 9. Alle Systeme Auf Vollgas
  10. 10. Frei Sein
  11. 11. Falsche Alternativen
  12. 12. Zwischen Uns
  13. 13. Meine Melodie