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Kottonmouth Kings
Mile High

Kottonmouth Kings - Mile High

Throughout Kottonmouth Kings' 15-year career, they have refused to remain stagnant. Without the aid of radio, MTV, or mainstream press, the Kings have managed to evolve and enjoy some of the best success of their career more than a decade after the release of their debut album.

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"Mr. Cali Man (Featuring Ceekay Jones & Saint Dog)"


  1. 1. Pound 4 Pound
  2. 2. Hold It In
  3. 3. Roll Us A Joint
  4. 4. Get Some
  5. 5. Packin' The Goods
  6. 6. Kottonmouth Bitch
  7. 7. Get Out The Way (Featuring Saint Dog)
  8. 8. Boombox
  9. 9. Green Days (Mile High)
  10. 10. Bounce
  11. 11. High Haters
  12. 12. Honey Dip (Featuring Mickey Avalon)
  13. 13. Mr. Cali Man (Featuring Ceekay Jones & Saint Dog)
  14. 14. Watch Out (Featuring Twiztid)
  15. 15. This Addiction
  16. 16. End Of Rope (Featuring Jahred Of (Hed) P.E.)
  17. 17. Judgment Day (Featuring Saint Dog)
  18. 18. Fight For Your Life

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 23
    Palm Springs, CA, US Kottonmouth Kings at Four Twenty Bank
  • Nov 27
    Tempe, AZ, US Kottonmouth Kings at Marquee Theatre
  • Dec 03
    Cleveland, OH, US Kottonmouth Kings at Odeon Concert Club
  • Dec 04
    Northampton, PA, US Kottonmouth Kings at Gin Mill
  • Dec 17
    Reno, NV, US Kottonmouth Kings at Virginia Street Brewhouse
  • Jan 08
    Dallas, TX, US Kottonmouth Kings at Trees
  • Jan 14
    Agoura Hills, CA, US Kottonmouth Kings at The Canyon Agoura Hills
  • Jan 15
    Montclair, CA, US Kottonmouth Kings at The Canyon Montclair
  • Jan 21
    Santa Clarita, CA, US Kottonmouth Kings at The Canyon Santa Clarita
  • Feb 25
    West Hollywood, CA, US Nile and Kottonmouth Kings at Whisky A Go Go
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