New Releases For March 1, 2011

White Collar Lies

Kopek - White Collar Lies

Irish rockers Kopek are here to bring a dose of rock & roll brilliance to North America. Rock critics everywhere are calling their debut album White Collar Lies the album of the year and new artist to break through in 2011 - 'Kopek's album gave me the same chills as Nirvana's Nevermind,' 'Every song is exciting and authentic,' 'If the collection of songs on White Collar Lies is any indication of what they're capable of, they'll be around for quite some time!'

Kopek takes it's classic rock influences of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones and creates a fresh modern rock sound unlike any other. Stand out tracks include 'Love Is Dead,' 'Cocaine Chest Pains,' and 'Floridian.'

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"Cocaine Chest Pains"


  1. 1. Cocaine Chest Pains
  2. 2. White Collar Lies
  3. 3. Fever
  4. 4. Love Is Dead
  5. 5. Floridian
  6. 6. Sub Human
  7. 7. The Easy Way (D.B.Cooper)
  8. 8. Bring It On Home
  9. 9. Love Sick Blues
  10. 10. Bigger Than Us All
  11. 11. Sin City