New Releases For April 19, 2011

Kimberly Caldwell
Without Regret

Kimberly Caldwell - Without Regret

Vanguard/Capitol Records artist Kimberly Caldwell releases her long-awaited debut album, Without Regret.

Perhaps best known as a second season contestant on the television phenomenon American Idol, Caldwell struck a chord with millions of the show's viewers thanks to her gutsy vocals, passionate performances, earthy charisma, girl-next-door looks and trendsetting style combined with a killer 'can do anything' confidence. On Without Regret, she wields her full-throttle belt to maximum effect on a series of emotionally rich, pop-inflected songs, including the new single 'Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys.'


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"Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys"


  1. 1. Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys
  2. 2. Heart Like Mine
  3. 3. Naked
  4. 4. Hotter Without You
  5. 5. Say Love
  6. 6. Mess of You
  7. 7. If You're Gonna Fall
  8. 8. Taking Back My Life
  9. 9. Going Going Gone
  10. 10. Frozen
  11. 11. Human After All