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Kevin Eubanks
East West Time Line

Kevin Eubanks - East West Time Line

Since his 18-year tenure as guitarist and music director of TV’s The Tonight Show Band ended in 2010, Philadelphia-born guitarist, composer Kevin Eubanks has been on a creative roll. On East West Time Line, Eubanks explores the chemistry he maintains with musicians on both coasts. His distinctive fingerstyle approach to the instrument is in the service of tunes that run the stylistic gamut from urgent swingers to introspective ballads to Latin-tinged numbers and some get-down Philly funk. “We combined both vibes on this recording - the kind of Latin vibe of Los Angeles and the straight-up swinging vibe of New York.”

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"Time Line"


  1. 1. Time Line
  2. 2. Watercolors
  3. 3. Poet
  4. 4. Carnival
  5. 5. Something About Nothing
  6. 6. Take The Coltrane
  7. 7. Captain Señor Mouse
  8. 8. Cubano Chant
  9. 9. What’s Going On
  10. 10. My One And Only Love

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