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Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith & The House Bumpers
Drop The Hammer


Music is about chasing a feeling - happiness, excitement, anger, sadness. Blues is the most intense combination of music and feeling. The power and emotion of the music transcends time and can be felt by people of all ages and ethnicities - the sole reason why the blues will survive and thrive for generations to come.

The blues, like all elements of life, is meant to grow, change and progress while retaining its essence. Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith and the House Bumpers accomplish just this with their latest album, Drop The Hammer.

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"Head Pounder"


  1. 1. Head Pounder
  2. 2. Hey Daddy
  3. 3. Drop The Hammer
  4. 4. Scratchin’ Your Head
  5. 5. What In The World
  6. 6. No Need Brotha’
  7. 7. Puppet On A String
  8. 8. Keep On Pretending
  9. 9. Living Fast
  10. 10. Second Hand Women
  11. 11. One Big Frown
  12. 12. Moment Of Silence