New Releases For April 1, 2016

Ken Whiteley
Freedom Blues

Ken Whiteley - Freedom Blues

In Freedom Blues, Canadian roots music icon Ken Whiteley has crafted a timely set of songs that address both contemporary and historical struggles for the freedom endemic to a healthy, progressive society. Deftly drawing on a wide range of musical sources including blues, gospel and, for lack of a better word, folk, Freedom Blues is a landmark album in Whiteley's career and Canadian roots music in general.

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"Freedom Is A Constant Struggle"


  1. 1. Bring It All Right Down
  2. 2. Freedom Blues
  3. 3. Freedom Is A Constant Struggle
  4. 4. Throw Me Anywhere
  5. 5. Omar Khadr's Blues
  6. 6. Give Your Hands To Struggle
  7. 7. Sewing Machines
  8. 8. Right Here In My Town
  9. 9. Halls Of Folsom
  10. 10. The Other Shore
  11. 11. Midnight Special
  12. 12. I Shall Be Released