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Kelsy Karter
Missing Person (Digital)

Kelsy Karter - Missing Person (Digital)

Known primarily for her hit, “Harry” about Harry Styles, which went viral due to a fake face tattoo, Kelsy Karter has now released her solo debut, Missing Person.

“LA by way of New Zealand rocker Kelsy Karter is not just solidifying herself as one of the greats in rock-n-roll, she’s ruthlessly carving out her own space in a genre that’s very much a boy’s club. Uncompromising in the pursuit of her dreams and refusing to change for anyone, she sings candidly about the trials and tribulations she’s gone through both in her personal life and within the music industry.” – flaunt

TAGS: Pop | Rock

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"You Only Die Once"


  1. 1. You Only Die Once
  2. 2. Goodness Gracious
  3. 3. Stick To Your Guns
  4. 4. I'm So Mad At Him
  5. 5. Devil On My Shoulder
  6. 6. Villain
  7. 7. Love Me Or Hate Me
  8. 8. God Knows I've Tried
  9. 9. Catch Me If You Can
  10. 10. Int - Coffee Shop - Next Morning
  11. 11. Liquor Store On Mars
  12. 12. New Recording 254 (Outro)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 25
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK GIRLI with July Jones and Kelsy Karter at The Cluny
  • Dec 12
    Philadelphia, PA, US The Hunna, Charming Liars, and Kelsy Karter at The Foundry
  • Dec 13
    Boston, MA, US The Hunna, Charming Liars, and Kelsy Karter at Brighton Music Hall Presented By Citizens
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