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Keith Jarrett
Hymns, Spheres

Keith Jarrett - Hymns, Spheres

The complete Hymns, Spheres, at last available on compact disc. Keith Jarrett's first encounter with the Karl Joseph Riepp baroque organ of the Abbey of Ottobeuren - one of the great improvisers of the age communing with one of Europe's most famous instruments - brought forth some truly unique music.

The 1976 double LP release has long been a favorite amongst organ music aficionados as well as Jarrett's loyal following, admired for Jarrett's spontaneous improvisational resourcefulness, the variety of textures drawn from the instrument, and for the sheer physical power of the sound in the church, beautifully captured in the ECM recording.

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"Hymn Of Remembrance"


  1. 1. Hymn Of Remembrance
  2. 2. Spheres, 1st Movement
  3. 3. Spheres, 2nd Movement
  4. 4. Spheres, 3rd Movement
  5. 5. Spheres, 4th Movement

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