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Keaton Henson
Kindly Now

Keaton Henson - Kindly Now

Kindly Now is a piece of sophisticated and cohesive album-crafting in which Henson uses full orchestral arrangements to evoke environments. The album moves between quiet, interior portraits and busy, unbalanced landscapes. The theme of violence and violation is central to this work – pugilism and lustful carnal desires lurk behind the eloquence and ornate instrumentation of Kindly Now. This album is the culmination of a six-year journey in fearless experimentation. Every tool at Henson’s disposal is brought to use in this unflinching album which, when experienced as a whole, becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

TAGS: Folk | Indie Folk

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  1. 1. March
  2. 2. Alright
  3. 3. The Pugilist
  4. 4. NW Overture
  5. 5. No Witnesses
  6. 6. Good Lust
  7. 7. Comfortable Love
  8. 8. Old Lovers In Dressing Rooms
  9. 9. Polyhymnia
  10. 10. Gabe
  11. 11. Holy Lover
  12. 12. How Could I Have Known