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Katie Herzig
Walk Through Walls

Katie Herzig - Walk Through Walls

In 2004 Katie released her first solo album Watch Them Fall whose title track was picked up for the WB Television series Smallville. In 2006 when her band broke up, Katie decided to pursue a solo career and that same year released her second full-length album Weightless.

A succession of syncs followed with several songs being featured in Grey's Anatomy as well as Pretty Little Liars. Soon after the release of Weightless, Katie relocated to Nashville, TN and in 2008 she released her third full-length studio album Apple Tree.

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"Walk Through Walls"


  1. 1. Frequencies
  2. 2. Drug
  3. 3. Walk Through Walls
  4. 4. Summer
  5. 5. Say It Out Loud
  6. 6. Your Side
  7. 7. Lines
  8. 8. Thick As Thieves
  9. 9. Human Too
  10. 10. Water Fear
  11. 11. Forgiveness
  12. 12. Proud

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