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Katie Hargrove
Katie Hargrove

Katie Hargrove - Katie Hargrove

Katie Hargrove’s new self-titled debut EP, released on Transoceanic Records, embodies the new generation of strong outspoken female pop singers. But this young, blue-eyed-soul native of Knoxville, is a sultrier kind of pop star. Her original songs are forthright, with lyrics that boldly tackle love, seduction and bargaining with loss, earning her comparisons to both Adele and Alanis Morissette. Katie stepped into the studio for the first time at age 21 to work with Grammy-winning producer Glenn Barratt and his team of luminary musicians in Philadelphia. The collaboration generated just the right balance of soul and punch, vulnerability and swagger.

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"Be Your Baby"


  1. 1. Be Your Baby
  2. 2. Save Me
  3. 3. Happily Ever After
  4. 4. Stay
  5. 5. Lost Our War
  6. 6. Sin
  7. 7. The Last