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Kathy Sanborn
Recollecting You

Kathy Sanborn - Recollecting You

According to multi-Grammy Award winner Kabir Sehgal, “Kathy Sanborn's Recollecting You is a romantic tour de force.” The songs cover a range of romantic sensations, like waiting breathlessly for a lover to arrive for a rendezvous, getting swept up in the heightened sensations of a new affair, feeling the void of a lover lost, and finding a path back to love in the aftermath, yet it also touches on the love born of family and friendship.

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"Kissed (Shoobop Shoobop)"


  1. 1. Another Sultry Night
  2. 2. Falling
  3. 3. Kissed (Shoobop Shoobop)
  4. 4. Recollecting You
  5. 5. Heart Don't Tell
  6. 6. Reflections In The Rain
  7. 7. The Boys Are Back Again
  8. 8. Always You
  9. 9. Guiding Light
  10. 10. Recollecting You (Snowfall Version)

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