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Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Pronto Monto (Reissue)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Pronto Monto (Reissue)

Pronto Monto appeared in 1978 and featured the sisters’ gorgeous vocals and impeccable songwriting, as well as covers and a new track penned by the album’s producer David Nichtern - whose “Midnight At The Oasis” was nominated for multiple Grammys in 1975. Their third album (which has been out of print since its initial vinyl release) has never been available on CD or digitally. Pronto Monto finally reclaims its place in Kate & Anna McGarrigle’s stellar canon. For those who have never heard it, it will be a revelation. For those who have, it’s wonderful to welcome it back—almost 4 decades later.

TAGS: Folk | Reissue

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"Just Another Broken Heart"


  1. 1. Oh My Heart
  2. 2. Side Of Fries
  3. 3. Just Another Broken Heart
  4. 4. NA CL
  5. 5. Pronto Monto
  6. 6. Stella By Artois
  7. 7. Bundle Of Sorrow, Bundle Of Joy
  8. 8. Come Back Baby
  9. 9. Tryin’ To Get To You
  10. 10. Fixture In The Park
  11. 11. Dead Weight
  12. 12. Cover Up My Head