New Releases For July 16, 2021


Katastro - Sucker

Sucker is the sixth full length album for the Phoenix based band Katastro. They took the time they had off from Covid to make an album about the constant loop of life, love, hate and wanting to break the pattern. Sucker brings you along on a ride through our summer and provides something a little more positive to look forward to when everything feels off.

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"The Way I Feel"


  1. 1. The Way I Feel
  2. 2. 100 Rips
  3. 3. Droptop
  4. 4. Pocket Fulla
  5. 5. One Day
  6. 6. Sucker
  7. 7. Hotel Lobby
  8. 8. Naked
  9. 9. Too $hort
  10. 10. Way Too High
  11. 11. John T.
  12. 12. Last Call

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 30
    Denver, CO, US Katastro at Cervantes' Other Side
  • Jul 31
    Pueblo, CO, US Katastro at Brues Alehouse Brewing Co.
  • Aug 12
    San Diego, CA, US Katastro with Tunnelvisions and The Irie Band at Music Box
  • Aug 13
    West Hollywood, CA, US Katastro with The Irie Band at The Roxy Theatre
  • Aug 14
    Sacramento, CA, US Katastro with Tunnel Vision and The Irie Band at Holy Diver
  • Aug 27
    Albuquerque, NM, US Katastro at Launchpad
  • Aug 28
    Tucson, AZ, US Katastro, Mouse Powell, I.r.i.e., and Desert Fish at 191 Toole
  • Oct 21
    St Petersburg, FL, US Reggae Rise Up Florida 2021
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