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Karen Littman
The Dream Of Life: Set Yourself Free

Karen Littman - The Dream Of Life: Set Yourself Free

Karen Littman has been writing songs as long as she’s been breaking rules. This natural gift for bucking convention brilliantly serves her as a unique singer-songwriter releasing her debut album. The 16 tracks fully communicate her very personal twist on the classic “Hero’s Journey.” Fifteen of the tracks were produced by Joel Jaffe, the renowned engineer/producer of Studio D in Sausalito, CA who has worked with Maria Muldaur, Lenny Williams and Magic Christian, among others. The lively “A Little Help,” was produced by Emmy and multi-Grammy Award winning drummer, artist and producer Narada Michael Walden (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston).

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"Where Is Home"


  1. 1. Where Is Home
  2. 2. Lost And Found Of Life
  3. 3. Living In Another Dimension (World)
  4. 4. Who Am I
  5. 5. A Little Help
  6. 6. Love Comes From Within
  7. 7. Choosing Love Or Fear
  8. 8. What's It Like On The Other Side
  9. 9. Perfection Is Not My Friend
  10. 10. Living In Another Dimension (Pop)
  11. 11. Becoming Visible
  12. 12. Time Is In My Mind
  13. 13. Set Yourself Free
  14. 14. Far Away Places
  15. 15. The Dream Of Life
  16. 16. Do You Remember