New Releases For July 9, 2013

Kara Clark
Kara Clark

Kara Clark - Kara Clark

Unconventional and unconstrained by outside opinion, Kara Clark and her alternative country rock sound, hit the stage running and command a presence unlike many of her peers. Kara Clark doesn't care where she fits in. Her unflinching attitude and confidence create a path only for her to tread upon.

Kara's written word is the woven tapestry of troubled times, hidden passion, injustice, haunting ghosts, hypocrisy, regret, the worst love we seem to want, empowerment and the gritty, storied truth. These personal and emblematic truths are worn on her sleeve, as badges of honor.

TAGS: Americana

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"Memory Loss"


  1. 1. Relapse
  2. 2. Lonely
  3. 3. Memory Loss
  4. 4. Preacher's Hands
  5. 5. The Devil Don't Cry
  6. 6. Southern Hospitality
  7. 7. Living Proof
  8. 8. I'm Not Country
  9. 9. Kill Me
  10. 10. Whisky And Cigarettes
  11. 11. 1925
  12. 12. I'm Not Lisa