New Releases For November 19, 2012

Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts - Lullaby

Grammy nominee Justin Roberts releases his first collection of original nighttime songs for families. Lullaby is for those wee small hours just before bedtime with elegant moments of chamber music, snatches of 70s soft rock, and sleepy bossa nova and R&B grooves.

All songs were written and arranged by Justin Roberts and produced by Liam Davis.

TAGS: Childrens

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"Count Them As They Go"


  1. 1. Count Them As They Go
  2. 2. What The Stork Sent
  3. 3. Nothing On You
  4. 4. Heart Of Gold
  5. 5. All For You
  6. 6. Polar Bear
  7. 7. No Matter How Far
  8. 8. Easier To Do
  9. 9. A Wild One
  10. 10. Lullaby