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Justin Courtney Pierre
In The Drink

Justin Courtney Pierre - In The Drink

It’s been a couple of years since we heard from Justin Courtney Pierre. When we last left off, his celebrated rock band Motion City Soundtrack decided to take a hiatus following a victory lap in support of their sixth album, Panic Stations. This culminated with a Riot Fest performance and a sold-out, career-spanning show at The Metro in Chicago in 2016. “I guess that I wanted to see if I could just write everything myself and perform as much of it as I could,” Pierre says of the impetus for his first solo album, In The Drink.

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"I Don't Know Why She Ran Away"


  1. 1. Undone
  2. 2. Anchor
  3. 3. I Don't Know Why She Ran Away
  4. 4. Moonbeam
  5. 5. Ready Player One
  6. 6. I'm A Liar
  7. 7. Sooner
  8. 8. Shoulder The Weight
  9. 9. In The Drink
  10. 10. Goodnight Hiroyuki