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Junior Burke
Nothin' But

Junior Burke - Nothin' But

Junior Burke’s songs have been performed and recorded by a wide array of artists, earning him a gold record and a Cable Ace Award. His first Bongo Boy Records release, Nothin’ But, was produced by the creative team of Billy Panda and Grace McKay. Besides writing and recording, Burke is also a novelist whose most recent book, The Cold Last Swim, was published by Gibson House Press. He lives in rural Colorado.

“Mem’ries of loves past and present are amplified with emotions both sad & sweet – exactly what Americana is all about!” – Dick Metcalf (Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews)

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"Coming Home From Shiloh"


  1. 1. Vandalia
  2. 2. Any Eyes But Mine
  3. 3. Nothin’ But
  4. 4. Guess I’m Naïve
  5. 5. Coming Home From Shiloh
  6. 6. Black-Eyed Susan
  7. 7. Lodi