New Releases For September 14, 2018

For Ever

Jungle - For Ever

For Ever was recorded in London and LA; Josh and Tom describe it as “a post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs.” If Jungle’s first album was their imaginary soundtrack to the places they had never been, their new record captures the landscapes they had so often dreamed of. To write and record the new album, J and T swapped Shepherds Bush for the Hollywood Hills. Their romanticization of the California Dream clashed with the reality of living it and led them back home to London to finish the album, the journey itself ultimately defining the music it produced.

TAGS: Electronic


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  2. 1. Smile
  3. 2. Heavy, California
  4. 3. Beat 54 (All Good Now)
  5. 4. Cherry
  6. 5. Happy Man
  7. 6. Casio
  8. 7. Mama Oh No
  9. 8. House In LA
  10. 9. Give Over
  11. 10. Cosurmyne
  12. 11. Home
  13. 12. (More And More) It Ain't Easy
  14. 13. Pray

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