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Julie Neumark
Dimestore Halo

Julie Neumark - Dimestore Halo

Revolver Magazine in the Netherlands calls Dimestore Halo 'one of the best releases this year.' Music Connection Magazine declares, 'Hearing [Neumark] sing makes you a believer in the song.' While the Los Angeles Times simply states 'Neumark shines.' And now, with Dimestore Halo, this whirlwind is about to break beyond its So Cal spawning ground, beyond the idyllic world Neumark recalls on 'Cincinnati,' into every corner of the country that appreciates music that's soulful, rootsy, and utterly original.

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"Spare Change"


  1. 1. Dimestore Halo
  2. 2. Fairytale
  3. 3. Spare Change
  4. 4. Take Me
  5. 5. Unraveled
  6. 6. Home
  7. 7. Wreck of a Woman
  8. 8. Drink Myself Pretty
  9. 9. Bobbi
  10. 10. Cincinnati
  11. 11. Uncharted Waters