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Julie Fowlis

Julie Fowlis - Uam

The much anticipated third album from award winning Gaelic singer/songwriter Julie Fowlis. Uam (meaning 'From me' in Scottish Gaelic) features husband and album co-producer Éamon Doorley on bouzouki plus the regular first class band line up of Duncan Chisholm, Tony Byrne and Martin O'Neill.

Uam features songs and tunes, old and new, from across the Scottish Highlands & Islands and Ireland. Highlights on the album include duets with Scottish songstress Eddi Reader and renowned Gaelic singer Mary Smith.

Julie is also delighted to welcome several other extraordinary musicians to guest on the album including Phil Cunningham, Tom Doorley, Ewen Vernal, Allan MacDonald, Sharon Shannon, Jerry Douglas and Michelle Fowlis.

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"Wind And Rain [duet with Eddi Reader]"


  1. 1. M' fhearann Saidhbhir (My Land Is Rich)
  2. 2. Bothan Àirigh Am Bràigh Raithneach (A Sheiling On The Braes Of Rannoch)
  3. 3. Wind And Rain [duet with Eddi Reader]
  4. 4. Thig Am Bàta (The Boat Will Come)
  5. 5. A Chatrion' Òg (Young Catherine)
  6. 6. Hé Gràdh, Hò Gràdh (Hé Dear, Hò Dear) [duet with Mary Smith]
  7. 7. Cò Ni Mire Rium? (Who Will Flirt With Me?)/Trip To Galway
  8. 8. A' Chiad Cheum (The First Step)
  9. 9. Brògan Ur Agam a-nochd (I Have New Shoes Tonight)
  10. 10. Rugadh Mi 'Teis Meadhan Na Mara (I Was Born In The Midst Of The Sea) [Breton song]
  11. 11. Bodachan Cha Phòs Mi [duet with Mary Smith]
  12. 12. A Mhic Dhùghaill 'ic Ruairidh (Son Of Dougal, Son Of Ruairidh)
  13. 13. Hò Bha Mi, Hé Bha Mi (Hò I Was, Hè I Was)

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