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Julie Fowlis
Gach Sgeul - Every Story

Julie Fowlis - Gach Sgeul - Every Story

Brought up on North Uist in Scotland's Outer Hebrides, Fowlis has been a proud standard bearer for Gaelic music and culture over the course of a solo career which has spanned three highly acclaimed studio albums. Gach Sgeul - Every Story, her new album, is a carefully selected collection of songs from Gaelic Scotland.

Traditional songs presented with new musical accompaniments, this record is all about the songs, and all about the story. With lush accompaniments and arrangements this record really showcases the strength and maturity of Julie's voice; a change, she says, which has come after having two children - 'I feel now that this is the true sound of my voice.'

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"A Ghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum MhÀthair Mi - Love, Let Me Home To My Mother"


  1. 1. A Ghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum MhÀthair Mi - Love, Let Me Home To My Mother
  2. 2. Danns' A Luideagan Odhar - Dance Dun-Coloured Slattern
  3. 3. An Roghain Dàin Do Eimhir XXII - The Choice
  4. 4. Smeòrach Chlann Dòmhnaill - The Mavis Of Clan Donald
  5. 5. Do Chalum - To Calum
  6. 6. Cadal Ciarach Mo Luran - Sleep Well My Love
  7. 7. Puirt-À-Beul Set: Ribinnean Rìomhach / Beautiful Ribbons
  8. 8. Òran Fir Heisgeir (Gura Mis' Tha Fo Mhighean - The Song Of Fear Heisgeir)
  9. 9. Siud Thu 'Ille Ruaidh Ghallain - There You Go, Handsome Red-Haired Youth
  10. 10. Puirt-À-Buel Set- Fodor Dha Na Gamna Beaga - Fodder For The Small Stirks
  11. 11. An Ròn - The Seal - Ann An Caolas Od Odram - In The Narrow Of Od Odram

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