New Releases For November 17, 2009

Julian Cope
Jehovahkill - Deluxe Edition

Julian Cope - Jehovahkill - Deluxe Edition

Julian Cope's heathen folk masterpiece now in Deluxe 2-CD Edition with the original Jehovahkill album plus a 14-track second disc including eight previously unreleased recordings from the album sessions. Among these is a 22-minute version of "Poet Is Priest."

The remaining seven tracks on the second disc comprise the Jehovahkill Companion originally released as part of a two CD format that made up Jehovahkill's only single "Fear Loves This Place."


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. Soul Desert
  3. No Hard Shoulder To Cry On
  4. Akhenaten
  5. The Mystery Trend
  6. Upwards At 45 Degrees
  7. Cut My Friends Down
  8. Necropolis
  9. Slow Rider
  10. Gimme Back My Flag
  11. Poet Is Priest...
  12. Julian H. Cope
  13. The Subtle Energies Commission
  14. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fine
  15. Fear Loves This Place
  16. The Tower
  17. Peggy Suicide Is Missing

  18. DISC TWO:
  19. Nothing
  20. I Have Always Been Here Before
  21. This Is My Kin
  22. Michael Rother
  23. Gogmagog
  24. Gone
  25. Vivien
  26. You Gotta Show
  27. Sqwubbsy The Olmec
  28. Sizewell B.
  29. Paleface
  30. Free
  31. Poet Is Priest...
  32. Starry Eyes