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Jules Shear

Jules Shear - Slower

Legendary singer-songwriter Jules Shear returns with his new album, Slower, his most personal work to date. The album finds Jules trying to enjoy the present moment between past and future, yesterday and tomorrow, living and dying - whether he’s touting the joys of eating in “Sugar All Day” (featuring John Sebastian on harp), or pondering the onset of autumn in “Feels Like Fall.” Slower is Jules Shear unfettered, transparent and raw, with lyrics that engage the mind and melodies that touch the heart, which he’s been doing since 1983’s Watch Dog, that includes his original recordings of “All Through The Night” (Cyndi Lauper), and “Whispering Your Name” (Alison Moyet).

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"Feels Like Fall"


  1. 1. Sugar All Day
  2. 2. Between Hell & Hello
  3. 3. Smart
  4. 4. It Came Down From Heaven
  5. 5. It's Love
  6. 6. Feels Like Fall
  7. 7. Today Like Tomorrow
  8. 8. One Pretty Please
  9. 9. Until Now
  10. 10. Call It Love